We like to take care of you with exclusive details in a comfortable and beautiful environment. This is our concept of hospitality, which comes from long ago and originally linked to entertainment. Blue Inn was actually born as a piano bar, discotheque and restaurant as a happy intuition of Angelo Salvati, whom entrepreneurship experience chose the characteristic area of Trastevere, still to this day a focal area to those who love to spend their Roman nights in small clubs to drink, eat and have fun all night long. Focusing on the guests in a refined atmosphere, offering you a high end dining experience, was the family’s prerogative since the 70s. If we also add the important performances by the then famous artists, we understand how the Blue Inn became the center of the so-called Roman bourgeoisie. Thanks to the ambition and passion of Angelo, the Blue Inn has also established itself in the south of Italy, with all the characteristics that made it famous in Rome, with the added bonus of the beautiful sea of Calabria. The new location is in Marina di Zambrone (Tropea). This marvellous experience, started almost 50 years ago, represents the basis on which what was built later and is included in the current Blue Inn Luxury Suites, managed by Angelo’s kin today, characterized by the family’s courtesy, style and attention to detail


Traditions must not only be respected, but also nurtured and in tune with the times. Today, resting in history and looking at the future, Blue Inn starts again from Rome with the new purpose of a luxury guesthouse. It is again a landmark of the Eternal City for clients from all over the world, that share the need of a quality stay for leisure or work, without giving up all the comfort and services that this can offer. The privilege of staying in the Blue Inn suites comes from the logistics of the building, close to Via Veneto, symbol of the legendary Dolce Vita of the 60s. Blue Inn is located close to many of the highly valued cultural historical attractives such as Galleria Borghese, to which you can walk to. We can doubtlessly call strategic the location of these apartments. It’s only 30 minutes from the Fiumicino airport by the Leonardo Express train, departing from Termini station, situated at walking distance from the structure. Choosing the Blue Inn means to top up with culture and relax, not only for the jacuzzi present in the rooms, not a luxury to underestimate. Close by you’ll find shops, restaurants and the enormous park of Villa Borghese, accessible to all, to those who love parks and sports. Everything is completed by what we can call an ideal stay in the Eternal City.